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6 Tips to book your tickets smoothly!

For events which we expect to sell out quickly, we use the so-called 'fastselling' module. Below are some tips to book smoothly.

Wheelchair users can only order on working days from 2 to 6 p.m. by telephone (+32 (0)3 400 00 34) or e-mail (rolstoelen@teleticketservice.com).

Tip 1: Register in advance

Do you already have an account with Tele Ticket Service? Excellent! Keep your username and password close when booking tickets. Forgot your password? You can change it here

You don't have an account? Create one in advance, to avoid having to do this when you are booking your tickets. It will save you a great deal of time. You can register for an account here

Tip 2: Check your details if you have an account

During the booking process, changing your account details takes quite a lot of effort. So check your details before tickets go on sale. You may have moved or changed your e-mail address since your last booking.

Tip 3: Log onto www.teleticketservice.com

Go directly to the fastselling page at www.teleticketservice.com. Do not use the links you may have stored under your favorites.

You can place your order on working days from 2 to 6 p.m. over the phone via 070/345.345 (max. € 0,30/min.), from The Netherlands: 0900-45.000.45 (€ 0,45/min.).

Tip 4: Do not immediately refresh* the webpage

After filling in all of the information and checking all of the boxes on the sales page, the system will make (up to) 20 attempts to record your booking. There is no point in hitting the refresh button like a madman. Remember, you are not alone and if thousands of interested buyers keep refreshing the webpage the system will crash, as would any system, for that matter.

* PC users know this as hitting F5.

Tip 5 : Write down the reservation number

The next screen will tell you whether your booking has been accepted. A booking number is displayed at the top of the page. Please write down this number, as it makes communicating with our customer service much easier and faster!

Tip 6: You can always consult our website to track the status of your order, payment and tickets

They payment link is also always immediately available by clicking on the button ‘status tickets’ in your account.

Don't forget: an online payment must be made immediately (within 30 minutes). In case no payment is received (in time) your booking will be cancelled and the booked tickets will be released again.

Caution! Do not click CANCEL on the payment page, unless you want to cancel your booking. If you simply want to leave the page (for example, to try again later), click the x at the top right of your screen (or red dot on the top left side of your screen for Apple users).

How can I pay for my tickets?

The event organiser determines which payment methods are available and within which period of time you have to pay. If a payment method is not displayed, this means it is not available (not even through other channels, such as the call-centre). It is also not possible to give a postponement for payment by bank or credit card.

The ticket prices mentioned always include all costs charged by the organiser and Tele Ticket Service. However, extra costs may be charged if a method of payment and delivery is selected that is different from the standard method.

How do I pay?

Immediately after booking, a link will be displayed on the screen which will take you to the Ogone secure payment website. By clicking on the link, you can immediately pay for your booking. Be sure to keep your credit card and card reader (digipass) handy!

If you are unable to pay immediately due to the pressure on the payment site, please log in to our website. In 'my account' you will find the payment link.

When will you receive your tickets?

As a rule, you can download your tickets within 24 hours on our website*. Als, you will receive an email with a direct link to your tickets as soon as they are downloadable. You can then download them from our website (under ‘status tickets’). If you selected hard-copy tickets (delivered via mail), they will only be sent once the organiser issues the tickets.

* For a number of events, tickets are available only 4 weeks before the event. The delayed ticket transfer is mainly a 'tool' in our fight against the black market and the fraudulent use of tickets.

Watch out for illegal ticket resellers

Tickets of concerts and festivals are often offered for sale online at inflated prices. This alternative market is mainly driven by speculators who systematically buy up large volumes of tickets. This artificially inflates prices. These profiteers are well organised and use professional schemes. Many people consider selling tickets via a parallel circuit as an interesting way to earn some extra money.

Reselling tickets is not illegal. Reselling them at a higher price than the officially listed price however, is illegal. You also have no way of knowing whether the tickets bought from third parties are genuine tickets!

You can read more about this on www.ilovemyticket.be.