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Legal force of this disclaimer

This disclaimer must be considered an integral part of the internet publication to which you have been referred. If sections or individual phrases in this text are unlawful or incorrect, this does not affect the contents or validity of the other sections.

Online contents

The author reserves the right not be held liable for the up-to-date nature, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Claims for liability in the case of damage caused by the use of any of the information provided, including incomplete or incorrect information, will therefore be dismissed. All offers are non-binding and without liability. Sections of pages or the entire publication, including all promotions and information, may be partially or entirely changed by the author, without requiring a separate announcement.

References and links

The author cannot be held liable for any content to which these pages refer or link, unless he is fully aware of their illegal contents and is able to prevent the visitors of his website from viewing the pages in question. If damage is suffered as a result of the use of the information presented there, only the author of those pages may be held liable, not the person who provided a link to those pages. Also, the author is not liable for any of the posts or notices published by the users of discussion platforms, guestbooks or mailing lists that are included on that page.


The author does not intend to use copyrighted material in this publication. If this is inevitable, however, he will mention the copyright of the object in question. All of the materials created by the author are subject to copyright. The duplication or use of graphical representations, sound or text in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed, except with the author’s permission.


Where the possibility is provided to submit personal or business details (e-mail addresses, name, addresses), this input of data is done entirely voluntarily. The use of and payment for each of the services provided is authorised, if and to the extent that this is technically possible and acceptable, without mentioning any personal data or while mentioning anonymous data or an alias. Use of postal address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses for marketing purposes is not allowed. Persons sending unwanted spam e-mails will be punished.