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Terms and conditions

The administrator of this website is Tele Ticket Service (TTS). TTS sells tickets and offers related services that provide access to events in the various venues of be•at. By visiting or using this website by, for example, placing an order on the sites of the various venues belonging to be•at, you agree with the terms and conditions of the online sales policy of Tele Ticket Service, as set out below. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, we ask that you do not visit or use this website.

These general terms and conditions of sale are likewise applicable to orders placed and/or confirmed by telephone, letter or by email.

Tele Ticket Service reserves the right to amend the general terms and conditions at any time. Amendments take effect upon publication on the website.


- Unless otherwise stated, the listed prices are exclusive of VAT and any fees. All fixed costs and services payable by the buyer are included in the price, and the buyer is informed thereof prior to placing an order.


- You confirm that you are 18 or older.
- Your order will remain reserved in your name as long as you adhere to the payment terms stated on your confirmation. Any tickets and/or e-tickets are only considered as being definitely reserved once payment of the sum owed is received. You can pay by credit card, debit card or by means of an IBAN transfer (the latter option is not always available for concerts that are expected to be sold out very rapidly, when very few tickets remain for an event or for a specific price category for an event).
- Tele Ticket Service has the right to turn an order into a reservation, even in the event of late payment, if there are sufficient available tickets for a price category.
- After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation by email. If you opt to pay by means of an IBAN transfer, then the confirmation will also contain a payment request. This confirmation email contains a summary of the order recorded on a durable data carrier. This email also contains a link to the terms and sales conditions.
- After you've paid for your tickets, you can request an invoice via this link. You will receive your invoice by e-mail. If your business or company does not have a Belgian VAT number, please send an e-mail with your invoice and reservation details to facturatie@beatvenues.be.
- The person or company placing the order is considered to be the client and guarantees payment for the order, even if an invoice is to be composed and sent in the name of a third party.
- Tele Ticket Service reserves the right to refuse to honour a reservation if the means of payment employed was used to perform fraudulent transactions in the past or if the provided personal details are indicative of fraud.  In such cases TTS shall be able to recover the costs of the investigation into the fraudulent nature of the reservation as well as of any loss actually suffered from the party placing the order.

Payment and shipping

- After your payment is registered, you will receive a confirmation email.
- After receipt of your payment we will send you your tickets.
- TTS reserves the right to allocate seats and to send the tickets at a later date, but no later than five days prior to the event. If there is no longer time to send the tickets by mail, they will be available at the box office.
- The customer is responsible for providing a correct email address and for checking any emails from TTS that might be blocked by spam filters. In default thereof the customer will be unable to seek a refund from either TTS or from the credit card company.
- When purchasing tickets for events from certain promoters, you will be given the opportunity to make a donation to the LIVE2020 fund to support the sector in the context of the corona crisis. However, if the event has to be cancelled or postponed, this donation will not be refunded and will remain definitively acquired for LIVE2020.

Safekeeping and loss

- After the tickets have been delivered by Tele Ticket Service, the ticketholder is responsible for the safekeeping of the tickets.
- Under no circumstances will replacement tickets be provided in the event of loss or theft. Only in the event of unreadable or poorly-readable barcodes will duplicate tickets be issued to ticketholders who present them.


- Our products (tickets, accounts) remain our exclusive intellectual and material property. As such, any reproduction or copy thereof in any form whatsoever and by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
- Unless written permission is received from the organiser, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event or the artist is strictly prohibited.
- Unless written permission is received from the organiser, any use of the tickets for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited.
- Tickets remain in the name of the party originally placing the order. This means that the name of the party purchasing the ticket cannot be changed, including in the event of the ticket being (occasionally) resold.
- Any statements on the ticket may not be altered. Holders of tickets that have been altered can be refused entry.
- Admission is only granted to an event to the first person presenting the original e-ticket. Any other tickets offered thereafter shall be deemed as a copy and will not grant admission to the venue or event.
- The party purchasing the ticket must adhere to the Law on the Sale of Admission Tickets to Events (Wet Betreffende de Verkoop van Toegangsbewijzen tot Evenementen – 30 July 2013). The regular or even the occasional resale of tickets at a price higher than the original ticket price is prohibited. Tele - Ticket Service reserves the right to invalidate resold tickets. The holder thereof can be refused admission to the venue or event.  In this event, neither the original buyer nor a subsequent buyer will be entitled to any refund whatsoever. Tele Ticket Service likewise reserves the right to refuse to sell a ticket to customers where there is reason to believe that the purchase is made for the sole purpose of reselling the ticket.

Delivering tickets to third parties

- TTS deems itself as only being bound by these general terms and conditions vis-à-vis the party ordering the tickets that is known to it and registered in its system, unless the tickets are electronically transferred to a third party using the TTS MyAccount environment, and insofar as this third party also registers with TTS and explicitly accepts the terms and conditions of TTS. In that event the party originally ordering the tickets waives its right to invoke these terms and conditions with respect to the tickets concerned.

Changes or cancellation

In the context of the corona pandemic, the government may impose additional measures, such as the use of the Covid Safe Ticket, to ensure access to the event. Refusal to comply with these measures will in no way constitute grounds for the refund of your ticket.
- Changes to the event programme, the dates and/or locations of the shows, changes to the configuration and/or availability of the seats and cancellation of the show are at the sole liability of the organiser. Tele Ticket Service acts solely as the intermediary for reserving tickets and explicitly limits any liability to this domain.
- Tickets are only refunded or exchanged if the event is cancelled and after being instructed to do so by the show organiser. Force majeure suffered by the party purchasing the ticket is not accepted as a reason for refunding said ticket.
- Tickets can only be refunded to the party placing the order that is registered with TTS, or to third parties registered with TTS to whom the tickets were electronically transferred using the TTS platform. The instructions emailed by TTS must be followed for the purpose of applying for a refund. Applications for a refund that are submitted after the time period granted for such – which is at least 14 days – cannot be fulfilled.
- Cancellations and/or changes to the pre-programme (support acts) will under no circumstances lead to tickets being refunded or exchanged.

Limitation of liability

- Tele Ticket Service acts solely as an intermediary for the sale of tickets. Its liability is consequently limited to that. The purchasing agreement exists between the customer and the event organiser.


- Please read our privacy policy conditions at www.teleticketservice.com/legal/privacy. These conditions constitute an integral part of our general terms and conditions.

Cancellation terms

- Right of withdrawal does not exist, and as a consumer you do not have the right to waive the purchase. While article VI.47 of the Belgian Business Code (Wetboek Economisch Recht) provides for a period of 14 calendar days within which the consumer can waive the contract in the event of distance selling, this right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts concluded through this website, pursuant to article VI.53.12 of the Belgian Business Code.


- Alcohol, food, drugs, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, weapons or any other dangerous objects are prohibited at events. Such objects will have to be surrendered. In the event of refusal to surrender such objects, admission to the venue will be denied, without any right to refund.

Complaints or disputes

- Any complaints can be reported via our contact form
- Tele Ticket Service acts in accordance with the Code of Conduct and the Dispute Settlement procedure of BeCommerce, which can be found at www.becommerce.be
- Tele Ticket Service also draws your attention to the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform ec.europa.eu/odr/. This platform provides for the full online resolution of disputes, after the submission of an electronic complaints form.
- In the event of any dispute, Belgian legislation is solely applicable.
- Any disputes will be submitted to the Courts of Antwerp.


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