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British woman nearly conned by fake George Ezra

Published on Thu 19.01.2023

Helen, a British woman, was almost scammed by someone posing as George Ezra for months. It all started when she posted a comment on the singer's Facebook page. Not long after, she received a friend request from George Ezra. Or so she thought.

5,000 British pounds for a meeting

The two exchanged dozens of messages daily for months. Until "George" said he wanted to meet her. But it had to be done in the utmost secrecy, because the outside world was not allowed to know anything about their relationship. To avoid arousing suspicion, their meeting would have to take place via an official meet-and-greet, which would cost Helen 5,000 British pounds. When she refused, George reacted with great irritation. As a result, Helen's daughter became suspicious and found out that her mom was being lied to.

The story did not escape George Ezra himself either. In a statement, he says, "I'm shocked and saddened to hear that a fan of mine has been taken advantage of in this way."

On March 5, the real George Ezra will perform at Forest National.