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Support LIVE2020 and help the live music industry survive

Published on Tue 09.06.2020

The live music industry is in dire straits due to the coronavirus and is therefore setting up the solidarity fund LIVE2020. LIVE2020 stands for solidarity, support and optimism. The fund offers no alternative to current and future government support measures. These are and will remain necessary. Above all, the fund wants to offer a supplement. Where necessary, it wants to make an extra contribution to severely affected colleagues who are struggling financially. To the sector itself by supporting recovery initiatives. So that live music can return to small and large stages, indoors and outdoors, in the best and safest conditions.

LIVE2020 can be supported by making a donation, organising a solidarity action or participating in one of the actions bundled in the initiative under the motto #unitedforlivemusic.

Learn more about LIVE2020.