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Ticket prices

Information on ticket prices for newly added events

The ticket prices listed on our website for newly added events are the prices you actually pay when ordering online. These prices include the costs for online payment, the service costs, the costs for delivery of electronic tickets and, if applicable, also the contribution for free use of public transport.

Both for online bookings and bookings by telephone, you have the choice of receiving your tickets as e-tickets or as paper tickets. In the case of a paper ticket, additional shipping costs are charged.

For reservations by phone, you must take into account an additional call cost of 0.30 euros per minute.

When buying tickets at the box office, you pay 2 euros extra per ticket.

For a small extra charge of 3 euros per ticket, you can take out cancellation insurance for your entire reservation. If you are faced with a setback just before the event and are unable to attend, this insurance will refund your tickets.